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Wilderness Trekkers is based in the Central Florida area but we have members throughout the Florida Pennisular as this is where a great number of our events take place.   We are a multi-disciplined activities organization with a schedule that covers events nearly every week-end throughout the year. Kayaking and canoeing, hiking and biking, single day or multi-day events occur frequently.  We are a group of people that desire to enjoy the outdoors and are challenged by the adventure of exploring springs, trails, rivers, lonesome roads and the multitude of bikeways.  We welcome first time folks that would like to just try us out by joining us as a guest on "open invitation" events.  Check our Upcoming Trips schedule, contact the host and let them know your interest.  Visit the Join Us link for even more first timer information or to become a member.. 
Peace River - February, 2008
Sean and friends on the Appalachian Trail
Leadership through dedicated Volunteers
The organization is made possible by the event hosts and co-hosts that arrange for the trip event, plan the particulars, and are the points of contact for any given event.  Our hosts have
required experience and typically have trekked the event themselves. The Wilderness Trekker organization formalizes the requirements to be a host and looks forward to grooming more volunteers for a continuous and variety filled event schedule.  Review our Event Hosting link to examine the organization's commitment to ensuring qualified Hosts that inform you and direct the event smoothly.   Moreover, if you have the desire to promote outdoor activities with the company of others, step foreward and be part of the leadership team.  Volunteer to co-host a couple of events and ready yourself to be an event host.  
Uniqueness and Opportunity in Florida 
Florida provides a unique degree of diversity for paddling, hiking and cycling.  With Florida having the greatest concentration of springs anywhere in the world, it is typical that our schedule frequently includes such trips even during the heat of the summer.  There are numerous darkwater rivers too that flow best during the rainy seasons and contain uncharacteristic surprises such as stone basins, swift water runs, and cantelevered rock cliffs.  Plus there are opportunities for coastal paddling bringing a whole different experience, especially during manatee season.  Central Florida is dotted with numerous public lands where hiking abounds.   Places such as the Ocala National Forest, Tossahatchee Preserve, Little Econ Preserve, the Florida Trail, and the Florida Greenway.  For biking enthusists, there are a number of Rails-to-Trails paths, and overnight trips into the further reaches of the unpopulated areas for day long road rides.
Suncoast Trail in Pasco-Hernando County
Photo details - top-right - Linda Leeds sponsors overnight kayak and bike trips.  center-left - Sean Lyle in middle hiking Roan Mtn on the Appalacian Trail.  bottom-right - Cathy Edwards (yellow shirt) sponsored an overnight bike trip on the Suncoast Trail, with a 2 day trip totaling 65 miles.